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Talk about DiamondFire minigames here
The Goat Horn Update is Here! Battle Box now has more new maps and items to kick the holidays off and keep the game fresh! Maps being used: Classic Towers Dark Oak Training Zone L'manchitecture (Winter Variant)* A Nether Dimension Competitive Stadium Endolocation DF Jam: Origins Birch Jungle Redux Towers Acacia Complex Beehive Battle Conflict on Christmas (more likely to occur) Redux Stadium Bouncy Battlefield The Ancient City Potatofield Memorial Acacia Square The Command Center* Water...
I would like to make a parkour game based on the Squake mod, which adds Quake-like movement to Minecraft (bunny hopping, trimping and sharking). The mod works perfectly fine when installed client-side, without the server needing it. Of course, usage of this mod would only be allowed in my mini game specifically. Would it be okay? Thanks.
Link Here: [www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvmTGBBxZ9w]
number 5: deadth run number 4: caucus kign number 3: souker stanof number 2: stafemoun number 1: Epic Legendary Skyminer Pro Deluxe Mega Epic Reborn Sequel The Third Final Now With 50% More Content
Here it is. I made it, Ill be updating it when needed. https://www.planetminecraft.com/texture-pack/diamond-fire-resource-pack/ Posted it on planet Minecraft, removed attachment to only need to update 1 link, Check it out on PMC.
I forgot what it was called but it was very high-quality and I want to find it again, it was a pvp team shooter with the team "TERRORISTS" and the team "COUNTER-TERRORISTS". Terrorists would have to plant a bomb, counter-terrorists defuse it. please help
diamondfire people lore is soooooo creative how he makes lore for the people on diamondfire plot 32741
yes. this is a generic undertale game, yes. i am stupid for posting this. AND YES. i want u to play fight the funny skelebones so plz come join this stupidly generic piece of hot garbo and dont hate :( also if ur wondering why sus is here, he had sus in a bottle and threw it at this post D:
So I was bored, logged on for the first time and made this, The map is randomly generated. Your fists have explosive powers! Jump to dash Explode players to heal (made with the help of NikoAnimation)
not to be confused fith lucky block pvp You spawn in the void, with random wood-iron tier items (shirt, pants, boots, melee weapon, ranged weapon, arrows, food), with a choice where will you teleport (no pvp in the void) Each variant will lead to different biome, and each kill in the biome will give you a biome themed crate (def not stolen). biome themed crates will have biome themed equipment with special abilities (or not). There are two types of crate for each biome, and better one is...
"What is Bread King?" I hear you ask... well Bread King is a king game about bread as you might has guessed... Bread King has something Cactus King probably does not have: A tutorial you can see it by typing in chat "@Tutorial" Bread King also has some cool upgrades like" Bread Tree [200 coins]. Bread King is currently not 100% finished, but working on it! Here at Bread Inc. we love you the community and will always listen to them if they see a bug or have a suggestion! Unless the suggestion...
I'm currently building an PvP game (Node 2, plot ID: 19569), and I don't have a rank. Should I: Finish it Make a skyminer Make some kind of a minigame Make something else Thanks!
There was a while after I make Sto- I mean, Leafblock! again, and you guys seem to liked it. But as everyone else, if I don't want to be forgotten, i need to move forward with new games. And, I could make Elemental RPG 3 if i didn't want to make something with Wynn spell system. So, here we have... Mage's Diary problems. 1. Size The problem is, Diamondfire doesn't actually allow you to use high render distance to avoid performance loss. And this wouldn't be a problem if it didn't hurt...
One Shot was my favorite game back when PixelSquib (now Pixci) originally released it. I always thought Snipes, its sequel, was too convoluted, and I enjoyed the original much more. A few months ago, I gave Squilliam the idea to recreate One Shot - and he delivered! In this forum post, I'll be rating all the available shots in this new version, in my personal (but objectively the best /j) opinion. The rating scale is 1-10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. I'll also mark the shots I...
i [REDACTED] hate myself i just accidentally [REDACTED] deleted stormblock code i will need to remake this [REDACTED] island builder from [REDACTED] scratch after this i will be able to make simple games like goldenfire but not huge projects like ele 3 platinum pick story or mage diary im sorry
Recently i finished 2.1 version of Ele RPG 2, where I added more pets and some Emperor functionality. Also, I've got some new plots. What i wanna ask you, what game you want to see from me next time? 1. Elemental World 3 The easiest one, but this will need a lot of original ideas which i don't really have. Also, i will need to make mobdrop mechanic from scratch. And, honestly, I don't really want to make another combat game right now. 2. GoldenFire I tried to make minigames plot 3 times...
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