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Event Game Jam information thread

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Game Jam information


Event has ended, thanks for participating!

Hey there! This is all the information you need, such as the guidelines and how to register your team. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or engage in a conversation with me.

Theme: Linked


  • No external compiler tools are allowed
    • This means that you are not allowed to use a tool that allows you to input code or text to convert it to a DiamondFire template. Simply: you can only use your game client. Example: a library allowing you to convert your Java code (or code from another programming language) to a template is not allowed
  • Templates are allowed, but there is a limit! It is up to a certain threshold:
    • ...

New admin addition

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Admin team addition​

Hey everyone,

We are super excited to announce that @Mr. Dumpling is joining our team as an admin as a development project manager who will very closely be working with the developers and will help oversee and manage the developer team and the development priorities. Excitingly enough, he has been fulfilling those responsibilities for a few months now, but now with being on the team, he will be able to fulfill this role in the best possible way!

With all that being said, be sure to give him a warm welcome and a congratulations for this awesome achievement. We are all extremely excited for the future of DiamondFire, and as a more structured administration with jobs in more areas, this gives us a strong footing to keep guiding the server in the right direction with more strength than before!

Signing out for now, but give him a...

Update Minor forum changes—5/26

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Minor forum changes—5/26

  • Dark mode for the classic theme is now LIVE
  • Dark mode for the main theme is back in development and is selectable to view the progress on it
  • Home page no longer has the online list. This was replaced it with your account statistics
  • Home page now has a Discord sidebar and a news category selector on the bottom of the page
  • A few website states/systems have been added to support future website use content!
    • While not enabled, this includes spotlights/showcases and promoted content that can be starred, and additionally polls attached to a part of the website
  • Minor design changes
    • Sticky threads were given a unique color. Previously only the regular theme had a different sticky thread color
    • Thread status icons...

Welcome hibao to the admin team!

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Copy of DiamondFire Admin team addition.png

Team addition​

We are very excited to have @hibao aboard our admin team! Through awesome building, project management, and leading a build team and build project, hibao was confidently chosen to be on the admin team as a build team leader! A lot of the work has already been shown—the new Node 7 "Blossom" spawn was a massive build project led and managed by hibao and resulted in an astonishing build with a massive lore and background, and not to mention an alternate reality game that was embedded within it. Moreover, hibao will be leading more building projects like that in the future with the new organized build team!

Make sure to give them a big welcome!

New organized build team​

With a newly organized build team, we now have the most active builders sanctioned by the admin team (hibao)—ever, which is neat and goes to show...

Node 6 and Node 7 release

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Hey everyone! Node 6 and Node 7 has officially been launched!
  • Node 6 ("Canyon") features the winner of our spawn contest, an excellent build by the Aspire build team! A big thanks and congratulations to CortaPlague, SylvTheSpoon, okspaghettisalad, Lil_Hoodie, Clone3A7
  • Node 7 ("Meadow") features a classic spawn by DragonSlasher02. Long-time DiamondFire veterans will remember this one!

For a limited time, if you claim a plot on node6 or node7 from its respective spawn, you are guaranteed to get a plot on that node.

Thank you to everyone here who has supported the growth of this amazing community. Enjoy the new space!

Patch 5.4.2

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Hey everyone! Patch 5.4.2 has been released.

Original announcement @Jeremaster
In this update, we’ve reworked the event prize ticket system. Prize tickets no longer expire, and they stack now! This means you can save up tickets across multiple events. Note that prices in the ticket shop have been adjusted accordingly. Special thanks to @ADumbChicken for his work on shop re-balancing, and @Reason for being the main driver and implementer of this rework.

This update also introduces a new double-lined codespace style, an improved /colors command, and more!

As always, big thanks to our Developer team for making this update happen.

Below are the full patch notes, which you can view in-game with

Prize Ticket Rework

  • Tickets no longer expire.
  • Tickets earned from multiple...

Discord music session activity

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Hey everyone,

This upcoming Wednesday, I will be hosting a music session over at DiamondFire's Discord community server.

> Information

1:30 PM PST,

3:30 PM UTC,
4:30 PM EST.

You can convert the times using your own timezone by clicking here, or clicking on the Events tab over the Discord server. The community will be able to suggest songs or add them to the queue. Keep in mind that any NSFW or obscene material will result in removal from the activity and potentially future activities like this, so it must be kept as clean as possible.

See you guys there!

Emergency maintenance

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Update: The server is back online.

Here are the "Frequently Asked Questions"
  • Q: What happened?
    • A: There was a security incident where some DiamondFire services were breached. We took the server offline for around 4 hours to investigate the issue and take appropriate countermeasures.
  • Q: Did anything happen to my plots?
    • A: No. Your plots are all fine, as well as your tokens and other data.
  • Q: Is my data safe? Was any personal information leaked?
    • A: Any data related to the store (e.g. billing information) was not breached. It is possible, however, that some player IP addresses may have been leaked from server logs. For most of you who are not staff members, this will have no effect. Some players, particularly high-level staff, may have this information used to launch DDoS attacks. If this applies to you, we would recommend changing your IP by...

New developers

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Hey everyone!

We are thrilled to announce three new developers who are now aboard the development team: @KabanFriends, @Vattendroppen, and @Reason. They will be working with each other to create new DiamondFire systems and features to be released in future patches. Make sure to give them a round of applause and to congratulate them!

A Look Into the "Deleted" Game Jam

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Hey everyone!

The most recent Game Jam hosted by the events team started on March 12th and ended on March 19th. The special theme throughout the event was "Deleted". And with the theme being quite vast, this allowed game creators to cook up some really cool and unique ideas that were voted upon by the community.

Without further ado, here is an insiders look at the last game jam!

I interviewed some of the top winners of the Game Jam to give everyone a look into the behind the scenes of some of the games that were submitted in the game jam.

ID: 31483

Crumble took 1st place, and was released by @Jimmy_The_Knight.


Q) What was your Game Jam plot submission ("Crumble") about?

A) Crumble is a turn-based PvP game where the players'...

Website update!

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- Website update -
Hey everyone! We are excited to announce that the website has been updated to a new software patch, which introduces lots of new features to the community who use the forums! The new features are now being utilized to help make the website an even more awesome place for everyone here.

Some of the new patch features that affects the community:
  • Profile banners​
    • Attach a fancy image to your forum account. This is currently unlocked for everyone who has a forum account, and no restrictions were decided to put into place. Please be sure to follow the rules before setting a banner.​
  • New forum thread types
    • Some of our forum areas have been updated to use the new forum types!
    • A new forum area was created - Support, and you can mark other comments as an answer to help others out!
    • Our feedback forum was updated to...

Patch 5.3.1

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Hey everyone! Patch 5.3.1 has been released!

Here is a basic rundown:
  • A staggering number of bugfixes, ranging from crash exploits to weird infinitely-lingering gadget particles.
  • Plot names now support special characters from /chars pages 1-4. You may use up to 2 characters, or up to 6 if you have the Mythic rank.
  • Ender Dragons can now be spawned.
  • /locate messages are clickable again.
  • The actions and events related to block breaking, placement, and drops are now free for all players to use.
  • LagSlayer improvements (check DFS for more info) and around a 12% improvement to code execution.
Full list of changes:
  • Significant changes have been made to LagSlayer! You can read more about them at the DF Suggestions Discord
  • Code...

Plot corruption and compensation

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Hey everyone!

Unfortunately, there was an outage today that caused some users to have experienced some degree of loss due to corrupted chunks. The development team tried their best to recover any data, so we are giving compensation for those who lost anything.


Users who were affected by the outage and lost anything will be given:
  • 1x massive plot
  • 3x Booster that lasts for 3 hours

We sincerely apologize for this news, but we hope this will help brighten your day. If you were affected, please post down below or inform a developer and it will be investigated.

Thanks all!

Node 5

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Node 5 🌴

As you may have heard, Node 5 has been released, your local tropical paradise of minigame content creation - thanks to the amazing efforts of @Jeremaster, @Owen, and @Daedalus!

Every year, DiamondFire constantly expands in uniquely amazing ways. We got onto a great start this 2021 with CommandGeek uploading a video showcasing the network and the amazing things players can do with game creation tools at your disposal (which can be viewed here), so we needed some more breathing room. Give the development team a huge round of applause, and feel free to get on going with creating some amazing games at the new tropical node!

Huge thanks to the builders who helped create this tropical paradise lobby spawn:

Disabling or deleting your account

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Hi all, there is now a more efficient way to disable or delete your account. We understand that user privacy and the data we collect is important, and giving the freedom for users to take action is important. If you ever need to find this guide, it will be attached to the pinned forum guide.

Before, there was no way to do this besides direct messaging an administrator, so I established an easier way: If you're hesitant about our Privacy policy or want to leave, you can click click: Account deletion. Your post is completely anonymous, and you do not need to fill out a reason; however, one is provided in case you want to explain. Please note that deleting your account cannot be reversed, so disabling it is the best bet if you're really unsure.

Read me

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If you are unsure about our Privacy policy or want us to take action on your account, continue reading.

Disabling your account

If you are thinking about leaving, and not sure if you want to fully delete your account, you can request an account disable. Once your account is disabled, you will not be able to post any new threads, comments, profile comments, or change any profile information.

Deleting your account

This is an irreversible action. We encourage you not to do this unless you're fully sure as this cannot be undone. When your account is deleted, your threads and comments will be fully anonymized, your profile cannot be accessed by anyone, and you will not be able to login again. This will delete your points and trophy points as well.


Copy and paste on a new thread under Account deletion. We encourage you to keep the...

DiamondFire Championship

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Hey players of DiamondFire!

@Jeremaster and I are working on a new event concept, unlike any other normal event - the DF Championship.

What is the DF Championship?
Glad you asked! The DF Championship consists of around five or six individual events. Each event takes place on a player's plot over DiamondFire. Additionally, events would be selected from popular plots at the time. We are thinking that there will be teams of 4, and each team will compete in each event together; this depends on the exact event. Every event will be around 1 hour or less, giving teams enough time to fight to take home the prize. Better yet, each event will be on the weekends, giving players with an inadequate schedule a solid chance to enter.

This is unlike anything we have done before, so we are wondering what you guys think about this idea. More information will be revealed soon, but we need to figure out if it is something that you all would find interesting.


Patch 5.2.4

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Patch 5.2.4 has been released! The server is now running on Minecraft 1.16.3, so all players will connect using the latest version of Minecraft. This update also fixes a bug where players wouldn't receive credits.

Here is a list of the changes:
  • Updated to 1.16.3! Players using the latest Minecraft version will now be able to join the server.
    • 1.16.3 contains no changes that affect DiamondFire, however.
  • Fixed credits not being given when playing games.
  • Fixed an issue with certain chat filters not applying to private messages.
  • Fixed an issue with Player and Entity Action: Set Invulnerability Ticks. This fix was released in a hotfix a few days ago, and not noted in any patch notes.
Update released by @Jeremaster, @K_Sasha, and @Daedalus. If you have any questions, let them know or reply here.

Enjoy the update!

Patch 5.2.3 is out!

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@Jeremaster, @K_Sasha, @Daedalus:

Patch 5.2.3 has been released! DiamondFire is now running on Minecraft 1.16.2, meaning that you can now use 1.16 blocks and mobs. You can also use the new color codes! Check out /patch in-game for more info.

Note: This means you will no longer be able to connect using versions earlier than 1.16.2.


Here is a list of the changes:
  • The server is now running on 1.16.2! 1.15 players will no longer be able to join.
  • You can now use 1.16 blocks and items! To use the new 1.16 hex colors, use the format &x&#&#&#&#&#&#, and replace the #'s with hex digits.
  • Clarified the Process block description. Processes should never be used as a replacement to functions for several reasons that will not be explained here.
  • Significantly improved the link filter to give much fewer false positives...


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Testing :)


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